The Technology for Tourism Forum

Members currently meet generally once a month at the Malvern Hills GeoCentre for a topical presentation, an update on any recent developments, and a chance to discuss things informally. This provides an opportunity to hear about new technologies or new issues facing the tourist industry, for new collaborations to be formed, and for potential joint projects to be discussed and planned.

The aim is to embrace the tourism industryin the broadest sense, including museums, heritage sites, general attractions, hospitality services, transportation, accommodation, and sports & leisure facilities.  If you'd like to come to a free forum meeting, please register here.


Upcoming meetings



30th May 2018

Mike Gogan, from the Virtual Experience Company, will outline their new operational alliance with the British Council. Their aim is to explore how they can utilise new technologies, including AR, VR, 3D visualisations, mobile apps, etc to engage young people across the MENA region in their cultural heritage. The project will be primarily centred in Tunisia, but is also expected to include Lebanon and Oman.

Key IQ Ltd will also soft launch their new events web application called liveworkgo in the Malvern and Worcester areas.


Past meetings



22nd Nov 2017

Mike Brooks gavce a presentation about the new Malverns Walks apps he has developed with Malvern Hills District Counci. The talk included a demonstration of the app, a showcase of some of the walks, a discussion of the backend software and how new walks could be added, as well as a review of some of the analytics he gets about the app downloads.


31st May 2017

Key IQ Ltd provided an overview of its new events web application called liveworkgo, seeking feedback from the forum ahead of the beta launch in the Malvern and Worcester areas.





30th November 2016

Route to the Hills brief about the technical project competition to invite ideas for the delivery of innovative digital elements. The call is for a project budget in the region of £10-15k based on a very open-ended brief. This was a great opportunity to hear about a local tech-tourism related project.


26th October 2016

An overview of how Worcestershire LEP supports tourism and technology businesses that grow the county's economy as well as presentations on example geotourism initiatives from the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust and Teme Valley Geological Society. There will also be an update on the new Western Hills Geo-Development Group.


29th June 2016

A presentation given by Bob Bilsland about his panoramic photography, his new 360' panoramic streaming camera and some applications for the tourism industry.


25th May 2016

A presentation from Mike Burstow about the Malvern Radar and Technology History Society, their new temporary exhibit in the Church Walk Gallery space opening from 24th May, and their requirement for software developers for a walking tour app project.



30th March 2016

A presentation from the Electric Automobile Association ElectrAA about the growing adoption of electric cars and how we can promote tourism in the area by encouraging their use and helping visitors who arrive in them. An update was also provided about the UK Electric Car Show to be held in Malvern on Sunday 4th September 2016.


24th February 2016

Presentation from Sheena Payne-Lunn of the Historic Environment Records office at Worcester City Council about their work. In particular, details of an upcoming project proposal that is being drafted to make use of the city’s large historic photograph collection (1950s) and aims to work with the elderly and those living with dementia so as to offer heritage memories therapy. 


27th January 2016

Presentation from Peter Smith, CEO of International Business Press Ltd, the publisher of Worcestershire’s new WR Magazine. Peter will talk about his experience as a magazine publisher and then discuss his vision for this new publication. This is also an opportunity to provide ideas for future content and pick up a free copy if you haven’t already seen one. 





30th September 2015

Joel Keller from the Malvern Hills District Council will outline their desire for a walking tour app integrated with the tourist information office's website so as to help visitors enjoy walks around town and over the Malvern Hills. An opportunity to pitch in ideas and potentially be involved in this project. 



24th June 2015

Beck Baker, Communications and Conservation Officer at the Malvern Hills Conservators, talked about the current work and future plans of the Conservators and how they envisage new technology could assist them in their remit to protect and manage the Hills and Commons.


27th May 2015

Jade Edwards talked about the use of stunning 360° photographic tours to showcase business premises and tourist attractions. By ensuring the tours appear in Google Search, Google Maps, Google+ and other social media pages such as Facebook, so new customers can be acquired. 


29th April 2015

Julian Trick, Head of Business Development at the British Geological Survey demonstrated their the 3D geological and geographical mapping and the use of technology to capture data in the field. He discussed how this could be applied to numerous applications including the tourism and heritage sector.


25th March 2015

Malvern has been successful in winning Heritage Lottery Funding for its Route to the Hills project. Jo Cross provided an update about the scope of the project plan and timeline, including the role that technology could play and how people and local organisations can get involved. Slides available to download here.


25th February 2015

We hosted a special Malvern B&B Consortium lunchtime meeting to enable B&B owners to meet and network. The event was open to other B&B and hotel operators in the town and surrounding villages. The session provided an update on some of the developments at our venue the Malvern Hills GeoCentre and Cafe H2O.

Malvern Aerial

Photography Ltd


28th January 2015

David Martin of Malvern Aerial Photography will talk about the use of remote controlled aircraft (drones or UAVs) to take high definition photographs and videos from up to 400 feet in altitude and how this approach can be applied to the tourism industry.





26th November 2014

A talk from Katie Day, the Artistic Director of The Other Way Works, about their Bandstand Smartphone App which provides a collection of digital audio performances for bandstands in the context of their surrounding environment. 


29th October 2014

Presentation about the digital sign using a Raspberry Pi computer that has been developed and deployed in the visitor reception area at the Wyche Innovation Centre.


24th September 2014

Paul Wareing from Mobikats talked about iBeacons, giving some case studies of where they have been used in museums and outside in trails, and showing how Mobikats have developed mobile apps to leverage their features for heritage and tourism applications.


27th August 2014

Andy Mabbett from Pigsonthewing talked about his work using Wikipedia and open-licensed or community-generated content, and the use of QR Codes in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums sector via QRpedia.  In particular, Andy highlighted the Monmouthpedia project he was involved with.


30th July 2014

James Hervey-Bathurst presented an overview of Visit Herefordshire, its current activities and some of the future plans. He highlighted the county's flagship tourism events including the Flavours of Herefordshire food festival.


25th June 2014

A brainstorming session to discuss the status of latest local tourism initiatives and to look at grant-funding options to support some of the opportunities. 


30th April 2014

Presentation from Mike Stapleton, Technical Director at System Simulation Ltd, about Collections Management Systems and some case studies from the variety of museum and heritage projects undertaken.


26th March 2014

Presentation about the visitor counter / data logger based on a Raspberry Pi computer that has been developed and deployed at the Malvern Hills GeoCentre.



26th February 2014

Presentation from Alastair Shortland, Founding CEO of TextLocal, about SMS marketing campaigns and how these can be used effectively to target opted-in customers with timely information.



29th January 2014

Presentation from Peter Rocker, Managing Director of North Hill Apps, explaining how to specify and create mobile applications, drawing on his commercial examples of iOS and Android apps.





27th November 2013

Presentation from Jospeh Sivell, Digital Experience Designer from the Digital Humanities Hub at the University of Birmingham, highlighting some of the digital technologies they have been researching to help enrich learning experiences in heritage and culture.



30th October 2013

Demonstration of the progress with the Virtual Malvern Hills 3D Map project from Mike Gogan, Managing Director of the Virtual Experience Company.



25th September 2013

A presentation from Carolyn Parkinson of the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) at the University of Warwick on their work on experience-led innovation and their web app to help guide people around their technology laboratories.



28th August 2013

A visit to The Hive in Worcester to view the Touch Table and tour the archives with Justin Hughes, Project Officer at Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service.


31st July 2013

A brainstorming session to capture ideas about using a database platform and overlying apps to create a useful demonstrator project for the group to work on.



26th June 2013

Chris Parker, Head of GeoVation at Ordinance Survey, gave a presentation about the programme, followed by a presentation from Helen & Nicola Steer, recent winners of the Geovation challenge, on their Real Food Wales mobile app.



29th May 2013

Alasdair Munn, from The Communication Group, gave a presentation about combining marketing goals with mobile technology to deliver results.


24th April 2013

A presentation from Jo Cross about the Route to the Hills project and latest progress following the initial support for the scoping stage from the Heritage Lottery Fund.



27th March 2013

A networking meeting with updates on the technology that will be deployed in the new Malvern Hills GeoCentre including iPads and a video wall.




27th February 2013

Mick Hurst, Managing Director of Areca Design, demonstrated Augmented Reality giving examples of his marketing campaigns and the tourist trail he developed in Evesham taking in the historic sites such as The Priory.


23rd January 2013

A general discussion covering local projects, NFC technology, and some possible routes for grant funding.






28th November 2012

Dr Xiao Ma from the  International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) at the University of Warwick gave an overview of emerging technologies and social media trends applying to the tourism industry. 



2nd October 2012

Inaugural meeting at which the initiative was discussed and the the first networking event followed.


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